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8th June 2011

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5 reasons why you should not commit suicide

  1. you think no one will miss you and that no one cares but there are so many people that care. your family, your friends, your loved ones and even your tumblr friends. by ending your life you will also kill a piece of each and any of them. your mother, father, siblings or best friend will cry themselves to sleep every night for at least two years. you think no one will care, but it will have impact on a lot of lives. 
  2. things might not be going okay right now, and maybe they won’t be okay in a couple of months or maybe even a year, but it will be okay. some things need time. i’m not going to lie to you and say you will be happier than ever once you get out of this ruth, maybe you will but you might always feel like this but you can work on that, you can choose to block it out and think about the good things in life, think of all the good things you still want to do and the things you’re still gonna do. there’s always something good on your path, choose for that instead of the bad.
  3. there are people like you, people who feel just the same. there are shrinks and psychiatrists who are willing to listen to you, and trust me it helps. they can help you, either with medication or treatment but it will. nothing goes away with a fingersnap, you have to work on it. talk to people about how you feel instead of building it up inside of you. by doing this you will only feel worse and worse. 
  4. like i said, you can make your life how you want it to be so it will be more pleasant for you to live. if you don’t like your life right now, change things. cut out the bad friends, try to find a job that isn’t going to make you miserable, do that education you want. don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, only listen to yourself.
  5. and please, promise me, that you will not listen to people that say bad things about you. they just want you to feel bad so give them hell and feel good, don’t show them if they hurt you because that will only thrive them to do it again. be yourself and don’t let anyone decide what you do, don’t listen to mean people because they only want to get you down and by letting them get to you you’ll only let them win.

i know some of these things aren’t as easy done as said, i know this because i speak out of experience, i’ve gone through this many times. i’ve heard my mom cry herself to sleep because i attempted suicide. i’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but please stay alive. see what else is out there for you, better things will come on your path and eventually things will turn around if you want them to. 

- jac

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